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Dreaming in Red is a playground and concept site for me to flex my proverbial creative claws. This is a workspace for both my professional and personal artistic exploration. I have a strong interest in forward-thinking design technologies involving the web, among other places so there will be varied iterations of the site's design and functionality that will be added as the learning process continues.

My belief is that the user experience should be pleasant and hassle-free. By this I mean to explore ways of creating content and interface designs that load fast and make sense to the end-user. Because technology is continually changing, so must we. I do not believe for a second, that a person should ever stop learning. This is extremely and painfully prevalent in the field of technology so it is good for me, as well as others in my field, to always look forward to the next positive technology on the horizon and learn all that you can about it. I also know how hard it is to find time to do anything, so I think that even if people try to acquaint themselves with new technology and ideas, they won't feel so out of the loop when time comes to face it.

I wish to extend my services for hire in both graphic and web design. Both are equal parts of graphic art and logical thinking. The current list of technologies and programs that I am well-versed in are as follows: HTML/CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. I aim to learn javascript and add it to my skills, however currently they are only at the level where I can try working with other people's pre-existing code enough to fit scripts into a website design.

As with all things, change comes around so expect to see a new version of this site within the next couple months.

Thank you,
Monica LaCasse (Synjari)